The IACFB Learning Lab
Support for Factoring 101 Brokers
The Factoring 101 Learning Lab
at Campus IACFB

 Learning Lab Access Instructions

The Learning Lab at Campus IACFB

The Learning Lab at Campus IACFB is an online support area for IACFB Program Members which provides additional training to all IACFB members.  The Learning Lab is accessed through a special "gateway" at the IACFB's Factoring Broker Forums.  All members are entitled to access the Learning Lab.  Lab permissions are set when IACFB staff are notified by of your Factoring 101 Guide / Membership purchase.

What's in the Learning Lab?

The Factoring Broker Learning Lab contains additional support items to assist in your initial training such as:

Accessing the Learning Lab

The Learning Lab is FREE to all IACFB Members.  It is accessible through the Factoring Broker Forums' "Gateways System" once your permissions are updated.  You can download complete instructions for access and the "gateway system" by selecting the blue "Click Here" icon at the left.

If you are an IACFB member having purchased the Factoring 101 training guide, additional information on accessing the Learning Lab can be found on page 198.