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The IACFB Community User Groups & Permissions

The IACFB Community is made up of a variety of member types or "user Groups" with each type having specific access through "permissions" to the various online support and training areas.  IACFB's Factoring Broker Forums provide "gateways" to these training and support areas based upon those permissions.

User Group Permissions

On the Factoring Broker Forums, there are four "User Groups" with specific permissions. These are...

Other Permissions

The vast majority of access "permissions" are configured by USER GROUP.  However, with the the recent provision for "Add-Ons and a la carte purchase flexibility, individuals can gain access to specific training and support areas on a "one-off" basis.  For example a Referrer that is building his or her own WordPress website and simply needs access to the IACFB's Lenders Directories, can do so by purchasing that as an "Add-On" when setting up their WordPress hosting through DMS WebHost.