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Factoring 101: A Broker's Guide is the "Heart" of IACFB's training program for new members and career-oriented consultants and brokers.  It is now available on

Earn Residual Monthly Commission Income as an IACFB Trained Factoring Broker 



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The Factoring 101 Program:  Gaining the Necessary Knowledge to Become a Freelance Factoring Broker

For those entrepreneurs and mobile creatives interested in learning how to participate as a freelance broker / consultant in the expansive factoring and asset-based  industries, no training program could be more accessible or more affordable than the Factoring 101 Broker Training Program at IACFB.  The Factoring 101 Program is the industry's premier training program for becoming a successful, high-profile industry consultant in this exciting career path.Purchase Factoring 101 at

The Factoring 101 Training Guide and IACFB Membership

The Factoring 101:  Broker's Guide to Factoring provides readers with a comprehensive introduction to the industry and is especially beneficial for those with an eye on factoring as a true career path.  Its 220 pages leave "no stone unturned" and will completely prepare you for industry entry.  In addition to over 200 pages of intense training, your purchase of the Factoring 101 Training Guide from also provides you access to:

Incomparable Industry Training and Support That's Truly Affordable

Whether you are seeking to enter our industry on just a part-time basis or are planning to change your life by developing the skills to launch an entirely new full-time professional career, IACFB's Factoring 101 Broker Training is by far the most affordable method of obtaining the industry knowledge and support required to begin your enterprise successfully.  For those first exploring factoring and with the goal of working as a freelance business development agent in the industry, nothing could be more affordable than starting out with our comprehensive Factoring 101 Training Guide and then subsequently adding "Business-in-a-Box",  with it's professionally designed broker website and extensive collection of brochure and flyer templates, cold call scripts, marketing cover letters and other Campus Annex marketing aids.  It's how to begin your business the "right way".  (View Factoring 101 Website Templates)  

Start Earning Residual Commission Income Today!  What the Factoring Industry is Famous For

As a home-based business opportunity, few vocations can compare with launching a business as a factoring broker and assisting small business entrepreneurs in their quest for financing.Life of Account Residual Income  Not only is this a prestigious vocation, but earnings potential can be considered extraordinary.

As most know, alternative commercial finance lenders compensate freelance consultants in many different ways but none are more lucrative than the factors.  Here, brokers earn monthly residual commission checks based on the factor's earned fees.  These referral commission arrangements are also for the life-of-the-account.  This means a freelance broker can receive a monthly check, sometimes for five years or even longer, for a single simple business referral.