Become an IACFB Associate
Attention Bookers:  Become an IACFB Associate
The IACFB Associates Program: The Perfect Program for Accountants, Tax Preparers, and Other B2B Professionals


The Associates Program at IACFB

For IACFB members on a budget and in search of an "entry level" program to begin their career as a freelance factoring consultant, IACFB provides the perfect solution with the IACFB's Associate  Program.

About IACFB's Associates Program

IACFB's Associate Program sets the industry standard for new broker support programs utilizing a mentored approach to industry entry.  It is the perfect program for those that have discovered the industry and it's many opportunities and benefits but are limited in their ability to enter successfully due to current full-time job requirements.

With IACFB's Associates Program, new brokers will have access to many of the same marketing aids and training support available to our Factoring 101 Freelance Members in the IACFB Campus ANNEX.

Requirements to EnterJoin the IACFB's sponsored Agent's Program the Program

Brokers should meet the following requirements to enter the IACFB's Associates Program. You must...

What the Program Includes

The IACFB's Associates Program includes...

Limited Availability

The IACFB's Sponsored Agent Program has limited availability and is currently offered in these specific locations. (view available locations)

Program Pricing

The IACFB Sponsored Agents program is an exceptionally low cost program that additionally features cost reimbursement upon submission of your first accepted deal through IACFB Wholesale.  You can check on current pricing for the Associates Program is here.

How to Enter the Sponsored Agents Program

The Sponsored Agents Program is a stand alone program.  To enter the program....