The Sponsored Agents Program at IACFB
The IACFB Factoring Agents Program
The IACFB Sponsored Agents Program: The Perfect Entry Level Program for Those Seeking a Part-Time Career in Factoring

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Sponsored Agents Programs at IACFB

For those seeking an affordable, entry level program into the professional factoring broker community, IACFB provides the perfect solution with the Sponsored Agents Programs.

What is the Sponsored Agents Program?

The Sponsored Agents Program is a unique training and business opportunity program that pairs our newest IACFB members seeking a low cost, part-time entry into our exciting industry with more seasoned and experienced IACFB professionals. Broker a Factoring Broker Agent Under the Sponsored Agents Program, business opportunity seekers learn to assist IACFB with marketing and business development and will share in the commission income developed through this unique Broker / Agent partnership

How the Program Works

As a Sponsored Agent, you will work hand-in-hand with IACFB as an independent business development agent.  You will be a valued member of our nationwide agent network and will typically utilize networking, social media, and classified ads to locate small business owners in need of factoring or other small business finance services.  Through your lead generation efforts, you will attract prospective clients to your website and generate leads  You will work at your own pace and from the convenience of your own home-based office.

Training and Support

Training and Support for the Sponsored Agents Program is provided by IACFB and includes:

Program Costs and Reimbursement:  $99.95*

The cost of the Sponsored Agents Program is an Annual Activation Fee of just $99.95.

How to Enter the Sponsored Agents Program

Entering the Sponsored Agents Program at IACFB is very easy.  To begin...

How to Activate Your Program

You must have a "Sponsor" to enter the Agents Program.  To activate...