The IACFB Affiliates Program
Affiliates Program at IACFB
The Affiliates Program for
IACFB Professional Members

Affiliate Cash for all IACFB Members 

Affiliate Earnings for IACFB Members

Designed as a supplemental income program for IACFB's Factoring 101 consultants and part of our annual membership drive, the IACFB Affiliates Program provides additional income opportunities for all IACFB members.  The Affiliate Cash Program runs concurrent with IACFB's Summer Membership Drive.   The "window" to earn affiliate cash opens June 22nd of every year and closes September 21st.

Who Can Participate in the IACFB Affiliates Program

All IACFB Members with access to the Learning Lab can participate in IACFB's exciting Affiliates Program and earn affiliate income by simply referring new members to IACFB during the Summer Membership Drive.  IACFB members can earn...

How to Make a Referral

Making a referral to earn cash during the Affiliates Program is easy.

You will be recorded as "Broker of Record" for each referral made.   If at any time during the Summer Membership Drive your referral elects to become an IACFB Professional Member, you will receive credit for the purchase and the affiliate commission so long as you are still an active IACFB Professional Member.

View Complete Program Information

Complete information and sign up for the IACFB's Affiliates Program is located in the Learning Lab.