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Training Programs for Factoring Brokers at the IACFB
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Affordable Factoring Broker Training for Today's Mobile Creatives and Home-Based Entrepreneurs

Explore IACFB's Factoring 101 Programs: Launch a Career in Factoring Today!

The IACFB offers three (3) primary broker startup programs for those interested in a home-based career as a consultant / broker in factoring. These programs are...

  1. REFERRER PROGRAM: Our Referrer's Program is primarily designed for professionals such as bank lending officers, accounting professionals, commercial insurance agents, and others interested in generating residual commission income in factoring and asset-based finance as a supplement to the income earned in the current profession.  
  2. IACFB SPONSORED AGENTS PROGRAM:  The perfect low cost program for those initially seeking a part-time career as an industry broker. The IACFB Sponsored Agents Program utilizes a mentored approach where new consultants will work directly with IACFB business development staff who will assist them in closing their deals  The IACFB Sponsored Agents Program features:
    • The Learning Lab.  A complimentary, free basic training area with dozens of online articles and support areas including MP3 recordings of factor's and lender's training presentations,Factoring Sponsored Agents Training Programinformation on how to set up and launch your freelance factoring business, and much more.
    • Special ANNEX Marketing Support Access:  Access to the special ANNEX marketing support area for IACFB agents complete with templates for brochures, flyers, mail stuffers, telephone scripts and much more.
    • IACFB's Sponsored Agent Website:  A lead-generating landing page within your sponsor's Factoring 101 website.
  3. FACTORING 101 FREELANCE BROKERS PROGRAM:  Our signature program that has quickly become the industry standard for those ready to launch a life-style changing business as a full time, freelance independent industry consultant. Factoring 101 features:
    • ANNEX Business-in-a-Box:  Our popular "complete" marketing training and support program which includes access to the IACFB's Campus Annex.  The Annex provides you with your choice of..
      • broker website templates with free domain
      • direct mail support aids (stuffers, postcards, cover letters, cold call scripts
      • CRM (Pipedrive) and Drip Marketing (Drip) setup instructions
      • teleconference support and much much more.)
    • Integrated WordPress Blog:  One of the most important marketing tools for all brokers and commercial finance consultants, a fully integrated WordPress Blog is now standard with all Factoring 101 Freelance Broker Website templates
    • Agency Training Module:  Learn how to set your new freelance factoring brokerage business up as an agency and develop a network of nationwide referrers.
    • Factoring 101 Broker Website:  Choose from our current suite of Factoring 101 websites complete with Video Salesperson and powerful marketing "Squeeze Pages".
    • Pipedrive CRM Training:  Manage your business and your Factoring 101 Agency with Pipedrive CRM.  Complete setup and modification instructions are made available through the Campus ANNEX. 
    • Directory of American Factors and Lenders:  Included with Factoring 101 Freelance this searchable directory / database includes over 500 broker-friendly resources for factoring and asset-based finance.