Forum Permissions and Gateways
Gateways to Factoring Broker Training
The IACFB Gateway System

Accessing Training and Support Through Gateways

Access to all training and broker support areas at IACFB as well as the lenders directories are provided through the Gateway System located within the Factoring Brokers Forums / Bulletin Boards.  The Gateway system is very easy to navigate.

  1. Using your member USERNAME and PASSWORD, log into the forums at
  2. After login, view the first forum on the Bulletin Board which is entitled "Gateways"
  3. Directly below that forum, in slightly smaller text, is the Sub-Forum "gateways" dropdown
  4. Click on the dropdown to view the "gateways" available to you..
  5. The "gateways" visible to you depend on your permissions and your User Group.
  6. Click on any "visible" gateway to view that particular training or support area.

Sub-Forum Gateways to Factoirng Broker Training

NOTE:  Gateways are NOT visible until you have logged in and you will only be able to see the gateways that you have permissions for.