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The IACFB Community User Groups & Permissions

The IACFB Community is made up of a variety of member types or "user Groups" with each type having specific access through "permissions" to the various online support and training areas.  IACFB's Factoring Broker Forums provide "gateways" to these training and support areas based upon those permissions.

Primary and Secondary User Groups

The following primary and secondary  "User Groups" are present on the forum.  Each has unique permissions to access specific areas of training and support.

User Group Permissions

The following gateways are viewable and accessible to User Groups based on permissions.

Trophies and Factoring 202 Access

Factoring 202 at Campus IACFB includes an expansive continuing education and support area for certified agents and certified freelance 101 members that have earned "Trophies".  Trophies are earned in four (4) ways:

Factoring 202 access is awarded to any member reaching the 25 Trophy Level.  To get complete details on "trophies" and how to earn Factoring 202 access, log into the Learning Lab.