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The IACFB is the factoring and alternative commercial finance training arm of DMS Commercial Finance and support facility for our rapidly growing community of independent factoring brokers and commercial finance consultants.  Whether you are just starting out in our exciting industry as a new freelance professional or you are a seasoned veteran factoring consultant, the IACFB can assist you in entering the industry and building your business the "right way".

Factoring Broker: The Perfect Business Opportunity for Today's Entrepreneurial Mobile CreativesProfessional Factroring Brokers at IACFB

Becoming an industry factoring broker or commercial finance consultant can provide you with all of the attractive benefits of becoming your own boss while operating as a DMS industry consultant.  As you may already know, income potential for successful entry in this unique vocation is almost legendary.  If you're ready to learn more and begin earning residual monthly commissions as a DMS consultant then click here to register.

How IACFB is Organized

As an online training facility, the IACFB is expansive.  There are three (3) primary Campus areas which provide educational activities and support.  Find out more here.

Begin Your New Career the "Right Way" with IACFB's Factoring 101 Broker Training Program

For those interested in launching an exciting career with DMS as a freelance factoring broker, there could never be a better time.  With many banks still faced with exceptionally strict, government mandated lending rules and regulations, more and more cash-starved small business owners are finding the need to seek accessible alternatives to traditionally bank financing when trying to grow their sales.  DMS Consultants can be a valuable source of help for such business owners.   And you, with the help of the IACFB's Factoring 101 factoring broker training program, Main_Images/Sign Up for IACFB's FREE 7-Part FREE Course on Factoringcan learn how to become a DMS independent industry consultant, assisting such small business owners locate the growth and working capital they need and deserve.

Explore This Opportunity with IACFB's 7-Part Factoring Broker Crash Course

Becoming an independent consultant in the factoring and alternative commercial finance industry can mean an exciting lifestyle change for many "self starters" and mobile creatives with the ability grasp this unique business opportunity.

YAHOO Hot Jobs recently rated factoring as a TOP 10 Hot Profession!  Want to learn more and find out if a career as an independent industry factoring consultant is the right business path for you?  If so...that's easy!! 

To begin your journey and education, simply sign up for Campus IACFB's FREE 7-Part "Introduction to Brokering Factoring Transactions" Online Crash Course To Sign Up and begin learning today, just click the "Special Offer" button at right to view the introduction area and learn more about this FREE "Snapshot" Introductory Training Series which can lead you to a profitable entry into this exciting profession and career.